Hazel Grace has delivered!

We have one ewe lamb this year and she is soooo cute! She is all black like her mama and hopefully  will keep that gorgeous dark fleece. IMG_0648


Oh The Things You Can Make…

So many things can be made with Gotland wool!I have arm crocheted a rug,felted a shawl collar and added Gotland locks to it, and their yarn is wonderful for knitting or crocheting.


Spring is here and our flock has expanded. We will be selling  lambs and ewes  so more people can experience the  love of raising Gotland sheep and using their fantastic fleeces.

Gotland ram lambs and ewe lambs for sale. 86%-89%. Codons are QR and RR.

Three year old Gotland ewe for sale. Calm and gentle personality. Wonderful mother and has had  a set of twins and a set of triplets. Fleece is silver grey. Will sell for $400.

To Contact: email us at chickenmama61@yahoo.com